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Analyzing the Genetic Structure of Novoaltayskaya Horse Breed Taking into Account the Allele Pool of the Base Breeds

Blokhina N.V., Tsareva M.A.

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2019

Blokhina N.V. Tsareva M.A. Analyzing the genetic structure of Novoaltayskaya Horse breed taking into account the allele pool of the base breeds. Agricultural and Livestock Technology, 2019, vol. 2, no. 2. URL: http://azt-journal.ru/article/28208?_lang=en DOI: 10.15838/alt.2019.2.2.4

DOI: 10.15838/alt.2019.2.2.4

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The article for the first time shows the results of the study of the allele pool of Novoaltayskaya horse breed on three polymorphic blood systems (TF, ALB, ES) and 17 loci of DNA microsatellites in comparison with three heavy horse breeds involved in its creation (Russian, Soviet and Lithuanian heavy breeds). The goal of our research was to study the features of the allele pool of Novoaltayskaya horse breed, as well as to assess the genetic similarity with other breeds involved in its formation. To conduct a comparative analysis of the genetic structure, 358 head of Novoaltayskaya horse breed were tested on polymorphic blood systems and 98 head were tested on 17 STR DNA microsatellite loci: VHL20, HTG4, AHT4, HMS7, HTG6, AHT5, HMS6, ASB23, ASB2, HTG10, HTG7, HMS3, HMS2, ASB17, LEX3, HMS1, CA425. Comparison of the level of genetic diversity of Novoaltayskaya breed with Russian, Soviet and Lithuanian heavy breeds was carried out according to the main population indicators: the level of polymorphism (AE), the degree of actual (He) and expected (Ho) heterozygosity and the population inbreeding index (Fis). Novoaltayskaya horse breed differed from other breeds by a wide range of alleles (Na=146) and the level of polymorphism (AE=4.780) of microsatellite DNA. Private alleles VHL20S, ASB23V, ASB2T, HMS1Q, HMS2S and HMS3S were detected in the genetic structure of Novoaltayskaya horse breed population. Comparative analysis of the allele pool of the studied horse breeds has shown that Novoaltayskaya horses have the highest rates of genetic similarity with the Russian heavy breed (0.970), both in blood systems and in DNA microsatellites. Novoaltayskaya horse breed, created by complex reproductive crossing, is characterized by a high level of genetic diversity, both in structural genes and in microsatellite DNA loci. The breed retains a high level of genetic diversity, which helps conduct effective breeding work on economically useful features


genetic and population analysis, horse, dna microsatellites, novoaltaiskaya breed, polymorphic blood system

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