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Influence of the Harvesting Terms of Honeysuckle Green Cuttings on the Economic Efficiency of the Technology of Green Cuttings with Partial Cover of Cultivation Structures

Nelyubova T., Ryzhova M.

Volume 3, Issue 4, 2020

Nelyubova T.M., Ryzhova M.A. Influence of the harvesting terms of honeysuckle green cuttings on the economic efficiency of the technology of green cuttings with partial cover of cultivation structures. Agricultural and Livestock Technology, 2020, vol. 3, no. 4. DOI: 10.15838/alt.2020.3.4.4 URL: http://azt-journal.ru/article/28759?_lang=en

DOI: 10.15838/alt.2020.3.4.4

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The purpose of the work is to evaluate the quality output of annual honeysuckle planting material and the economic efficiency of green cuttings in cultivation structures with partial plastic cover at different planting times in the forest steppe conditions of the Altai Priobye. The novelty of the research is that experiments on regulating the terms of planting honeysuckle green cuttings in the Altai Krai were conducted for the first time using cultivation facilities with partial cover with polythene film to reduce the production cost. The obtained experimental data played a direct role in the development of improved technology for honeysuckle propagation by green cuttings in cultivation structures with partial plastic cover. The article presents the output of honeysuckle seedlings at different periods of harvesting and planting green cuttings, their ranking in the first and second commercial grades, as well as the calculation of the economic efficiency of green cuttings in cultivation facilities using technology with partial plastic cover. The average rooting rate for the first term of planting was 30.3% higher compared to the second term (97.4 and 67.1%). The seedlings output of the first commercial grade in the first term of cuttings on average for factor B is 72.4%, in the second – 21.4%, the differences reach 51.0%. Accordingly, the cost of one seedling in the second planting period increases to 9.2 rubles in comparison with the first period (6.3 rubles). The average revenue from the sale of one seedling in the first term of cuttings was 42.4 rubles, in the second term this indicator decreased to 16.6 rubles. The profitability level in the first period of planting in a cultivation facility with partial cover is 574.1%, while in the second period of planting it decreases by more than 6.5 times (84.8%). The planting period is the most important factor for obtaining high economic and quality indicators when propagating honeysuckle by green cuttings. Timely harvesting and planting of cuttings allows achieving the maximum profitability level. The results can be used in the propagation and laying of industrial honeysuckle plantations


economic efficiency, profitability level, Grow room, honeysuckle, term of cutting, propagation, green cuttings, roots development, seedlings

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