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Reproductive Capacity and Productive Qualities of Simmental and Brown Swiss Cattle

Gosteva E., Konik N., Ulimbashev M.B.

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2022

Gosteva E.R., Konik N.V., Ulimbashev M.B. Reproductive Capacity and Productive Qualities of Simmental and Brown Swiss Cattle. Agricultural and Livestock Technology, 5 (2). DOI: 10.15838/alt.2022.5.2.5 URL: http://azt-journal.ru/article/29275?_lang=en

DOI: 10.15838/alt.2022.5.2.5

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In order to establish the competitiveness of dairy cattle under certain environmental conditions, we studied the reproductive ability, technological and productive qualities of Brown Swiss and Simmental cattle in the conditions of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. We formed two groups of heifers of breeding age with 25 cows in each: Group I – Simmental cattle; Group II – Brown Swiss cattle. We conducted research according to methods generally accepted in zootechnics. We processed the obtained numerical material biometrically, and established the reliability of intergroup differences using three levels of probability. Monitoring of conception rate of experimental groups shows the superiority in the number of inseminated from the first and second inseminations of Brown Swiss cattle, which was 8 and 4 abs.%, respectively. Due to the better conception rate of Brown Swiss cattle from primary insemination, their semen dose costs for fruitful insemination were lower than those of their Simmental herdmates: when comparing heifers – by 0.2 doses (P > 0.99), first-calf heifers – by 0.3 doses (P > 0.99). The coefficient of reproductive ability of the first-calf heifers of the Brown Swiss cattle shows that this group can produce one calf annually, while the herdmates of the Simmental cattle were 0.04 units inferior to the Brown Swiss cattle by this indicator (Р > 0,95). The control group of Brown Swiss cattle with tub-shaped and bowl-shaped udders was 64% compared to 56% in the Simmental cattle herdmates. They also had a higher milk flow rate of 0.17 kg/min (P > 0.95). Inter-breed differences in milk yield were 252 kg or 6.3 rel.% in favor of the first-calf heifers of the Brown Swiss cattle (P > 0.95). The fat and protein content in the milk of the first-calf heifers of Brown Swiss cattle is 0.09 (P > 0.99) and 0.06 abs.% (P > 0.99) higher than that of the Simmental cattle. The superiority of the Brown Swiss cattle group in terms of milk yield index was 82.5 kg (P > 0.99). We found that despite the higher feed consumption by the first-calf heifers of the Brown Swiss cattle, due to high milk yields the expenditure of energy fodder units and digestible protein to produce 1 kg of milk was 0.05 and 5.1 g lower respectively than by the heifers of the Simmental cattle


reproductive qualities, breed, Breed, Simmental cattle, Brown Swiss cattle, dairy productivity, feed conversion

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